Accepting online therapy clients from the Orchard Park/Buffalo area and throughout New York State. In person therapy available in Rochester, NY.

Online Therapy​

Are You Struggling To Make Time For Your Mental And Emotional Health?

Do you experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, internalized stress, or other setbacks to your mental health? Yet, are obligations—such as work and childrearing—making it difficult for you to create time in your schedule for effective, empathetic support?

Maybe you’re in the midst of a big transition in your life. Whether you’re changing careers, taking significant steps in your relationship, or managing responsibilities at home alongside other life stressors, it may be difficult to establish a sense of balance. Feeling pulled in a million different directions, you may worry that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything—including meaningful self-care.

Beyond time constraints, additional barriers might prevent you from seeking support. Maybe you have young kids and few options for childcare. Or perhaps a health condition—including a physical disability, history of abuse, or anxiety disorder—prevents you from feeling safe in outside environments, especially during the continual spread of COVID-19. It may feel risky to leave your home to attend therapy, but fortunately, online counseling is available to you.

As a therapist, I aim to make my counseling services easily accessible to all of my clients, which is why I offer teletherapy via an online platform.

But Is Online Therapy Effective?

Therapy is a deeply personal experience, which is why many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of online counseling. It’s a common concern that if we were to talk to a therapist online, they would miss certain physical and emotional cues or that the experience will somehow lack authenticity and connection.

Yet, the truth is that working with a therapist online is just as effective as in-person counseling. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that online counseling is a highly potent form of depression treatment, while the journal of Behaviour Research and Therapy demonstrated online behavioral therapy as a successful treatment method for anxiety disorders. These studies were completed in 2014—years before the onset of COVID-19 and subsequent quarantine. And since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been even more research to substantiate just how effective online therapy is.

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Therapists are specially trained to observe their clients, regardless of if the session takes place in-person or online. Therefore, if you struggle with ongoing stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, or a lack of emotional regulation, online therapy is beneficial for addressing and overcoming your symptoms.

Online Counseling Allows You To Grow And Move Forward From The Comfort Of Home

When scheduling constraints and other barriers prevent you from getting the care you need, teletherapy offers flexibility and accessibility where certain treatment approaches might fall short. By meeting from the comfort of your home or office environment, you can expedite the healing process in a direct and meaningful way.

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With my combination of behavioral approaches, holistic methods, and evidence-based therapies, we will collaborate on a treatment plan that meets your needs. Whether you suffer from debilitating anxiety, intense emotions, relationship challenges, substance abuse, or other common mental health concerns, our work together in online therapy can facilitate growth and positive change in your life.

The Process

If you’re curious about how teletherapy works, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me to help you determine whether or not we’re a good therapeutic match. After we get you scheduled for your first appointment, you’ll be asked to complete intake paperwork that will help me further understand your symptoms and goals for therapy.

From there, I will conduct online therapy sessions using a HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform called Vsee. Unlike other virtual audio/visual platforms, Vsee offers data privacy and secure encryption to ensure patient confidentiality. However, because we are meeting virtually, it’s important that you also take measures to safeguard your privacy, meaning that you’ll want to make sure you participate in sessions from a safe environment where our conversations won’t be overheard.

Together, we can find lasting, healing solutions to the painful parts of your life. And because they can be administered online, my counseling services provide flexibility, remove the hassle of a commute, and are accessible to those who may otherwise not be able to get effective mental health support. My online therapy sessions are available in Rochester and throughout New York state, but you must be a resident to receive them.

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Managing mental health alongside your many other responsibilities can feel daunting at times, but teletherapy makes the healing process faster and more attainable. I am here to support you on the path toward reduced stress and emotional regulation, and I am invested in your success!

Maybe You’re Considering Teletherapy But You Still Have Questions…

Are therapy sessions covered by insurance even if they’re online?

If your insurance covers in-person counseling, it’s very likely that online therapy sessions will be covered. Though I am typically an out-of-network provider for most plans, I am more than happy to provide you with a superbill to submit for reimbursement.

Are there any mental health conditions for which online therapy is not recommended?

In general, online counseling is beneficial for a wide array of mental health concerns. However, there are a few exceptions wherein clients should seek immediate crisis support or in-person services. If you are experiencing severe suicidal ideation, a psychiatric crisis, or serious addiction issues, online therapy may not be recommended.

Contact me to learn more or receive information about resources that can help.

Is online counseling more effective than taking medication?

Counseling is generally more effective than just taking medication on its own. However, there are some cases wherein medication can be highly beneficial when used in conjunction with talk therapy.

If the prospect of going to counseling feels more overwhelming than seeking out a prescription for medication, consider the fact that online therapy removes some of the stress and disruption involved in commuting to weekly sessions.

Convenient, Effective Support Exists

Teletherapy is a meaningful way to heal psychological pain. If you struggle with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, substance abuse, or relationship challenges, online therapy can help.

To find out more, please schedule a free consultation via email or by visiting my contact page.