Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling New York
Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationship or marriage?

Are you tired of having the same fights over and over again with no resolution?

Is everything in your lives taking priority over your relationship?

Has a betrayal rocked your relationship and made you question everything you once thought you knew about your partner?

Struggling with your partner is despairing and exhausting.

Sometimes it can seem hopeless. The good news is, I really know how to help you get unstuck!

There are a myriad of reasons why a couple may seek therapy.  Communication problems, conflicts about child rearing, financial stressors, healing from infidelity, divorce and remarriage, sexual incompatibility, anger, healing from addictions, etc. Maintaining healthy long-term intimate relationships is hard work. Marriage therapy or couples counseling is designed to help you work through relationship or communication problems and create emotional closeness. I help couples understand and respond to the emotional needs of each partner, develop healthier means of relating, learn tools to negotiate differences, problem solve, and work through conflict in a healthier way to gain and maintain a deeper level of intimacy and closeness.

Through marriage counseling/couples counseling, you can expect to change ineffective communication patterns as well as enhance and restore respect and trust in your relationship. As with many couples I have worked with, you will likely see marked improvement in:

    • Communication with your partner
    • Recovery from infidelity; physical, emotional and internet-based
    • Negotiation of differing parenting styles
    • Regaining the intimacy of early dating
    • Managing in-laws
    • Childrearing with positive reinforcement
    • Premarital conflict
    • Coping with family loss and chronic conditions like hearing loss, MS, Cancer

Premarriage or premarital counseling can help dating or engaged partners understand their differences and resolve differences before marriage so they can have the tools to create a happy and healthy marriage from the start.

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